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Photos and info from Jesus, an extra on the movie Troy in Cabo San Lucas

Jesus in a Trojan soldier costume and the girl who did his hair everyday

fight between the Trojans and the Greeks

the Trojan Horse

Sean Bean (Odysseus), Jesus, and James Cosmo (General Glaucus)

Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt autographs

The 2 actors that I noticed were the nicest with people were Orlando Bloom and James Cosmo (General Glaucus), you know they were always smiling when I talked to them just like I knew them from a long time before. Actually I was a little shy when I asked Orlando Bloom for the autograph. It was during the lunch time, all the extras went to eat and Orlando and part of the crew stayed in the wall set, and I see Orlando just there. He was going to film a scene after all the extras got lunch. He did not wear his costume, when I was with him I asked him for an autograph and he said "yeah sure" and I told him that I was a little afraid that he would get mad at me or something for asking that, and he just smiled and said, "Don't think that, it's ok" and then he asked me for my name and then he gave me the autograph, and said "the pleasure is mine". It's a shame that I did not bring a camera that day, but I hope I could see him again later.


I think that the fight that I like the most is one where Eric Bana kills Brad Pitt's cousin (Patroclus played by Garrett Hedlund). I was in the first line so I could see the fight right in front me, something that impressed me is that Eric Bana did not need a body double to film his scenes. The fight was awesome, and he seemed very very mad, and all the extras started to say: "HE IS GOING TO TURN INTO THE HULK" and we all started laughing.

I was in another scene where Orlando Bloom (Paris) is hit by Brendan Gleeson (Menelaus). Menelaus wounded Paris in the leg, and when he was hitting Paris he was laughing, and all his army was laughing too. (I was a Trojan in that scene) All of a sudden Hector (Eric Bana) appears and kills Menelaus, and brings a horse to save Paris, and then all of Hector's Army moves to let Paris get inside of the Wall of Troy. Hector says *GET INSIDE PARIS* and Hector stayed with his army and then shouted *ARCHERS* and that's when one of the most spectacular scenes that you will see in the movie started, a fight that took like 2 months to film.